Return policy

Cancellation and refund of the amount.

The customer can cancel an order only if it has not yet been processed and shipped. To cancel an order, you must notify it as soon as possible by opening a ticket in the Support Centre (, providing the number of the order you wish to cancel, and calling your ticket "Order Cancellation #XXXXXX". The client is not obliged to provide any explanation for their decision, but the Moda Intima Vania S.L. team will appreciate any information that may contribute to improving the offer, service, and conditions of the online store. The refund will be made as soon as possible within the 14 days legally available for this purpose and through the same form of payment used to make the purchase. This process has no added cost for the customer.

Return of a product due to deterioration due to transport.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the package received is externally in good condition, completely closed, and without signs of tampering at the time of delivery. Moda Intima Vania S.L. strongly recommends, then, to open it and check that the product has arrived in good condition, without breakage or bumps. If the package or the product does not satisfy this inspection, the customer must note this fact on the carrier's delivery note, reject the shipment and notify Moda Intima Vania S.L. in writing by opening a ticket at the Support centre ( at 24 hours after receiving the package. Once this ticket is received, the Moda Intima Vania S.L. Customer Service team will indicate the steps to follow. Return of a product due to withdrawal The customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase within 14 calendar days after the day he, or a third party indicated by him, other than the carrier, received the product. To meet this withdrawal period, it is enough that the communication regarding the exercise of this right is sent before the expiration of the indicated period of time. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the client must notify Moda Intima Vania S.L. of his decision to withdraw from the contract by opening a ticket in the Support centre ( The client is not obliged to provide any explanation for his decision, but the Moda Intima Vania S.L. team will appreciate any information that may contribute to improving the offer, service, and conditions of the online store. ​This period is a withdrawal period, not a product test period. Therefore, the product must be received by Moda Intima Vania S.L. in the same state in which it was received. In no case will products with external damage, detached elements, alterations, with the box broken or damaged, or without all the accessories included in the original packaging be accepted upon withdrawal. In the same way, Moda Intima Vania S.L. is not responsible for elements external to the original package that may be included in the returned product. In cases in which the product to be returned shows wear, deterioration, or alteration of the state in which it was received that is not exclusively due to the verification of its correct condition and operation the product will suffer a depreciation proportional to that wear, deterioration or alteration. This depreciation will be observed and applied especially in the case of those articles whose daily use has associated a clear risk of bumps, scratches, damage from exposure to humidity, damage from exposure to high or low temperatures, or any other circumstance likely to cause damage to the product and that present damages attributable to any of these reasons. The acceptance of the withdrawal by Moda Intima Vania S.L. is subject to the satisfaction of these conditions and to the fact that the technical team of the company has determined that the product is in optimal conditions, without any damage or signs of use or wear. Once the withdrawal is admitted, Moda Intima Vania S.L. will return all payments received with the exception of shipping costs, which will be borne by the customer. This retention corresponds to the added value services provided by Moda Intima Vania S.L., not to the exercise of the right of withdrawal. Moda Intima Vania S.L. will make the reimbursement using discount vouchers, as soon as possible within the 14 days that the law indicates as available for it. Any product that comes from a withdrawal and that the technicians when evaluating it see that it does not meet the established requirements, presents physical damage, such as bumps, scratches, etc. It will be sent back to the customer assuming the same shipping costs.

Exceptions to withdrawal:

By their nature, the return for the withdrawal of the following products will be excluded if they have been damaged, opened, or show signs of use:

• All kinds of accessories and open accessories ​

• Weary shoes.

• Clothing stained or with signs of wear or use

Return of a product by default at the origin In cases where the product has a factory defect, and this is made explicit in the diagnosis of the Moda Intima Vania S.L. technicians, Moda Intima Vania S.L. will assume the shipping costs both if the customer wishes to cancel their purchase and in case the customer wants to change the defective terminal for an identical one.

Return conditions:

Returns of products purchased through the web can only be processed online, in no case through physical stores. In the same way, the return of products purchased in physical stores cannot be processed online. In no case may products be returned with non-factory faults, broken, torn, with a broken or damaged box, or without all the accessories or protection stickers included in their original condition.

Process of returning an order

To return an order, the customer must make sure to perform the following steps: 1. Inform the Customer Service department and request the return (RMA) to Moda Intima Vania S.L. through the Support centre ( Our team will provide detailed information on how to satisfy the procedure. 2. Check that the product is complete (with all original supplements and accessories included) and with the original packaging in perfect condition. Along with the product, the return package must include a document with the following information: personal data, email address, contact telephone number, order number and the problem with the product. In this way, the processing will be simplified. The carrier may only remove the merchandise that is in an optimal state of transport. 3. Protect the smallest products (accessories, accessories, etc.) with additional external packaging - just as the customer received it at home - to avoid any type of damage or manipulation of the original packaging of the product during transport. 4. Return the product to postage due (although later they will be discounted in the refund of the amount) through the transport company indicated by Moda Intima Vania S.L. The merchandise can only be collected by the carrier after having requested the ​ return (RMA) to Moda Intima Vania S.L. In no case, will returns or exchanges be possible in our facilities. 5. Report the tracking number of the package on the open ticket for processing the return at the Moda Intima Vania S.L. Support centre ( All returns/repairs of products that do not have the original packaging and/or that do not present the original return form of Moda Intima Vania S.L. duly completed will be rejected. ​

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